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   When I was in school I took a fundamentals of programming class and realized my love for logic-based problem solving and the mental stimulation that it brings. Since then I've always wanted to turn that drive into my career, so I decided to enroll at Centriq Training. This program has fueled my passion and prepared me with the tools needed to be a successful developer. In addition to my technical training, I am skilled at handling multiple tasks and working on team in a fast-paced environment because of my current job at The Embassy Suites, where I take room service orders for the hotel while bussing tables and helping servers. I'm currently looking for a position where I can grow as a developer and contribute my skills to a team. If you have any potential opportunities please contact me.

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My Story

  • September, 2017 - Present

    The Jbar/Embassy Suites

    I'm currently employeed as a busser and room service specialist in a fast paced environment, where I learned how to multi-task efficiently in a fast-paced team environment.

  • February, 2017 - June, 2018

    Centriq Training

    In February I took a plunge into the world of full-stack development by attending Centriq. In this course I've learned Full-stack development with the .NET framework. The wide-array of technologies that I have been exposed to has driven my desire to sharpen my skills and grow in the ever-changing technology industry.

  • June-2018

    Entry-Level Developer At ???

    I'm looking for a position with opportunity for growth. My ideal environment would be working with a supportive team, where we are encouraged to push ourselves to sharpen our skills. If I sound like I would be a good fit please contact me!